CO Check Pro & H2 Check monitor

CO Check Pro

MD Diagnostics Ltd is committed to providing exceptional tools to aid Smoking Cessation. The CO Check Pro has been designed for the professional to carry out simple breath tests whilst providing comprehensive results. The results are instantly displayed in PPM and % COHb coupled with an appropriate coloured visual effect to see if the person is a non-smoker, light smoker, smoker or heavy smoker.

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H2 Check Monitor

The H2 Check can be used on all age groups of patients. Its principle use is for the simple diagnoses of Lactose Intolerance. Using a special re-breathing technique, patients are required to simply tidal breath into the H2 Check for immediate results in PPM.

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No Analyzer

The ANALYZER CLD 88 offers fast and precise measurement of nitric oxide. The extremely high sensitivity and fast response time of the NO-analyzer allows the detection of concentrations in the range of parts per trillion. Ease of use and the open concept guarantee flexibility for standard applications as well as scientific research. The optional liquid purge vessel enables the measurement of nitric oxide, nitrite, nitrate or nitrosothiols in most biological fluids. The easy and accurate data recording and analysis is guaranteed by using the PowerChromTM software from EDAQ

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