SpiroSafe Filter

Disposable bacterial/viral filter for pulmonary function test comes with 3 different fittings at the machine end and practically fits into all machines without a need of an adaptor. Ergonomically designed with high efficiency filtration of 99.99% of bacteria and virus.

Spiroflo Filter

Disposable filters for pulmonary function test with electrostatically charged filter medium for high efficiency filtration of 99.999% of virus and bacteria. Can be incorporated with patient friendly mouthpiece with negligible resistance for accurate measurements. Available in combo packs with mouthpiece and nose clip.


A specially designed bacterial/viral filter for use with NDD PFT machines only. It fits universally for adult & paed use. Comes with efficiency filteration of 99.99% of bacteria and virus.

Filteratte Pro

A specially designed bacterial/viral filter for use with NDD & Schiller PFT machines only. It fits universally for adult & paed use. Comes with high efficiency filteration of BEF is 99.9992% and VEF is 99.9970%.

Spiroflo II Mouthpiece

Uniquely designed keeping in mind it’s predecessor Spiroflo mouthpiece. Fits easily to patients of all ages without any leakage. Ergonomically designed for maintaining better flow rate.

PeakFlo Mouthpiece

  • Made out of medical grade LLDPE material
  • Adult & Paed use
  • Available with one way valve (optional)

Spiroflo chamber

The special anti-static chamber ensures a complete suspension of the drug, improving the dose available to the patient.The unique eye-valve not only allows low resistance to flow but indicates inhalation with movement of the valve.Built in adapter allows the inhaler to fit perfectly.

Peak Flow Meter & Mouthpiece


  • Large, high visibility scale
  • Available with European/ATS scale
  • Movable asthma management color zones
  • Customization possible for promotional purposes
  • Meets and exceeds all international performance standards
  • Adult (60 to 800 l/m) & Paed (60 to 600 l/m) use

Spacer Mask

pead use

Order Information

Cat No Description MOQ
6060 Spiroflo Chamber 1 NO.
6061 Spiroflo Space Mask 1 NO.
6062 Easyflo Space Mask 1 NO.
6063 Spiroflo Chamber With Mask 1 NO.

Nose Clip

Disposable nose clips lined with high quality latex free foam for comfortable clipping of the nostrils, during pulmonary function test


Nebulizer Kit

Comes ina set of mask (Adult/Paed), Chamber and Tubing. Also available with T-piece mouthpiece combination

Technical Specification

Total Output Rate 450mg/min
MMD 4.2mm
<5mm% 63%