Disposable Breathing Circuit

Made of medical grade LLDPE for better transparency and flexibility. Comes in clean pack and ready to use. Available in various configurations.

Plain Circuit (Adult & pediatric)

Single Water Trap (Adult & pediatric)

Double Water Trap (Adult & pediatric)

HME Filter

  • Heat Moisture Exchanger Filter (HMEF) Clinic Clean blister packed
  • Filtration efficiency: BFE 99.9999%; VFE 99.9999%
  • Connection inlet: Connections (ISO 5356-1)
  • Applications: Anaesthesia, ICU, Emergency, Homecare.

Bacterial Viral Filter

  • Electrostatic Filter
  • Filtration efficiency: BFE 99.9999%; VFE 99.9999%
  • Connection inlet: Patient side 22M/15F machine side 22F/15M
  • Applications: Anaesthesia, ICU, Emergency, Homecare

Catheter mount

360o swirl with both suction and sampling ports.

Tryflo incentive spirometer

Tryflo incentive spirometer is ideal for developing, improving and maintaining your respiratory fitness.Tryflo incentive is a deep breathing exerciser that has been scientifically constructed as a means of encouraging you to take a slow sustained maximal inspiration (SMI). Tryflo incentive spirometer is designed to help you perform normal breathing exercises. In turn, the spirometer will help you prevent the possibility of respiratory complications or to improve your breathing pattern if you have a respiratory condition.

Oxygen Mask

Comes in a set of mask (Adult/Paed), with 2 metre tubing.

High Concentration Mask

It is used for the application of heated and humidified blended air and oxygen at high flow rates. This high flow can provide more constant inspiratory oxygen concentrations than conventional oxygen therapy and can also generate some positive end expiratory pressure.

Nasal cannula

The nasal cannula is a device used to deliver supplemental oxygen or increased airflow to a patient or person in need of respiratory help. This device consists of a lightweight tube which on one end splits into two prongs which are placed in the nostrils and from which a mixture of air and oxygen flows.

NIV Mask (Small / Medium / Large)

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is the delivery of oxygen (ventilation support) via a face mask and therefore eliminating the need of an endotracheal airway.