Surgical Instruments

Monopolar Tips

  • Disposable and Reusable electrode tips for diathermy pencils
  • Blade, knife, needle, ball, cup, loop and ribbon shaped tips, angled and straight

Bipolar Forceps

  • High quality bipolar forceps with long lasting insulation
  • Available in various tip sizes
  • Straight, angled, bayonet shaped forceps
  • Available as regular, non-stick, Argentum and with TC inserts

ESU Cables

  • Autoclavable bipolar and mono polar connecting cables to suit any ESU
  • Copper strands coated with silver and double insulated
  • Ensures perfect connectivity
  • Available for both monopolar and bipolar hand instruments

Bipolar Lap Instruments

  • Bipolar laparoscopic instruments 5mm x 330mm for micro and macro MIS applications
  • Different shape tips and 3600 rotatable handle (Rotaris)
  • Flat plug for ESU connectivity

Bipolar Scissors & Clamps

  • Bipolar scissors – Single pin connectivity, one blade with ceramic insert, very thick insulation
  • Bipolar clamps – Coagulation effected by flat clamp / manual cutting by scissors incorporated, very thick insulation

Vessel Sealer

  • Specially designed Bipolar laparoscopy instrument, can be used for sealing blood vessels upto 7mm and modify bundle of tissue
  • An in-built mechanism with a detachable blade to cut, avoiding change of instruments
  • Luer port for easy cleaning of the shaft Comes with flat type Bipolar connectivity

Plastic Surgery

  • Very high precision micro surgery instruments range
  • Full range available for plastic, micro vascular, hand reconstructive surgeries
  • Vascular clips & approximators, arteriotomy forceps, nerve and tendon forceps offered individually or as sets with sterlization trays

Electrosurgical Unit

MD Touch 300

  • High frequency 300W applications
  • Simple touch screen interactive and safe operations Four cutting, three coagulation functions in monopolar and three coagulation functions in bipolar
  • AUTO-START and AUTO-STOP functions
  • Nine individual memory locations

MDV Touch 300 additionally has bipolar function for vessel sealing. The device makes it possible to seal a 7mm blood vessel effectively and without perforation

MDA Touch 300 intergrated with additional argon plasma coagulation and vessel sealing options

RF 130

  • Ideal radio frequency surgical unit
  • Two monopolar cutting and two coagulation functions upto 130Watts
  • Bipolar cutting & coagulation functions upto 130Watts
  • Nominal frequency 400 MHz
  • AUTO-START and AUTO-STOP functions
  • Nine individual memory locations

MD 100

  • Powerful and compact 100W applications
  • Power control in each operation mode, 1-25 Watt in 1 Watt steps for micro application
  • For various uses, such as dentistry, general surgery, dermatology and veterinary medical applications
  • Smooth or scrabbed cut
  • Monopolar cutting and coagulation functions
  • Bipolar coagulation with 100Watt power
  • Activation via handle with two pushbuttons or with 2-pedal footswitch
  • Contact coagulation for rapid hemostasis
  • Bipolar AUTO-START functions
  • Monitoring of the neutral electrode
  • Nine individual memory locations