Surgical Instruments

General Surgery

  • Full range of surgical instruments for any procedure in general surgery
  • Made of high quality German steel, Lawton has several patented products
  • Unique passivation process ensures surface of all instruments inert, thus avoiding pitting and corrosion

Gynec Instruments

  • Routine and special instruments for O&G
  • Specially designed instruments like TC lined parametrium scissors and clamps

ENT Instruments

  • Micro and macro instruments for Otology, Laryngology and Rhinology
  • Range includes Sinoscopy and micro laryngology
  • Offered as individual instrument and instruments sets for specialized procedures

Titanium Instruments

  • “Titanline” titanium instruments
  • Made of noble metal titanium
  • Lightweight instruments for maximum comfort and precision
  • Micro & Macro instruments for different specialities

Micro Vascular

  • Micro vascular instruments with precision for various surgeries
  • Cardiac, micro vascular, plastic, neuro & spine surgeries
  • Micro scissors, forceps, with or without diamond dust coating made of SS or Titanium
  • With or without ceramic coating

Cardiac Retractors

  • All types of retractors for cardiac surgery, sternal retractors, rib spreaders and contractors made of SS
  • Aluminium retractors for Adult, pead, infant range

Laminectomy Punches

  • Available in different sizes and tips
  • Standard and Semi-detach models available
  • Made of high quality SS with option of ceramic coating

IVD Rongeurs

  • All types of IVD rongeurs in various sizes
  • Very extensive range of neuro and spine instruments
  • Instruments for MLD, ACF etc

Caspar Retractor

  • Retractors for various spinal procedures
  • Anterior cervical distractor system
  • Spinal retractor with valves & arms made of Titanium & PEEK

Leyla Retractors

  • A very dependable brain retractor system made of SS of highest hardness to withstand wear and tear
  • Flexible cable and locking system for ease of usage
  • Flexible Nitinol spatulas that retain original shape when heated

Vessel Clips

  • Aneurysm clips available as standard and mini, permanent and temporary
  • Different sizes, shapes and suitable applicators
  • Applicators with shaft made of heat sensitive Nitinol
  • Clips available in titanium and phynox
  • MRI compatible upto 6 tesla

Container Systems

  • High quality aluminium containers for storage of various instruments and instrument sets
  • Option of perforation at bottom or top or both
  • Different types of filters for single or multiple use
  • Silicon beading assures sixty days sterility
  • Silicon mats for micro instruments

Ceramic coated

  • “Ceramic line”, our range of selective instruments coated fully with high quality ceramic
  • Virtually resistant to any external factors like acidity or alkalinity etc
  • Zero reflection in high intensity OT lights
  • Long lasting