Cardio Care 2000 plus

Interpretive 12 Channel Resting ECG

  • 12 Channel simultaneous data acquisition ECG
  • Battery backup upto 100 ECG’s
  • 12 Channel Interpretive ECG
  • Convenient A4 size printout
  • One-touch operation (monitoring,recording mode)

Cardio Touch 3000

Interpretive 12Ch Resting ECG with Color LCD touch screen

  • 4.3” color TFT LCD wide display
  • Convenient A4 size printouts.
  • 12Ch Simultaneous display touch screen for easy operation.
  • Real time preview monitor.
  • Memory up to 200 patients.
  • Battery backup upto 100 ECG’s
  • Support standard file format ECG,XML,PDF,JPEG,MFER.
  • Lead fault message & PC compatible through LAN.


Affordable, yet Powerful 12Ch Resting ECG as ever

  • Advanced 12 channel simultaneous data acquisition of ECG.
  • 7” large TFT touch screen display for easy operations.
  • Adaptable UI (Portrait & Landscape mode)
  • It features lead detection message, automatic arrhythmia and pacemaker detection.
  • Auto key function one touch operation for analyzing storing and printing result within 3 seconds.
  • Stores upto 200 tests in internal memory and an external export USB port.
  • PC compatible through LAN for HIS/EMR applications.
  • 5 minute long time recording.
  • Battery Backup upto 100 ECGs
  • Support standard file format ECG,XML,PDF,JPEG,MFER.