Spiroflo Filter

Disposable filters for pulmonary function test with electrostatically charged filter medium for high efficiency filtration of 99.999% of virus and bacteria. Can be incorporated with patient friendly mouthpiece with negligible resistance for accurate measurements. Available in combo packs with mouthpiece and nose clip.

SpiroSafe Filter

Disposable bacterial/viral filter for pulmonary function test comes with 3 different fittings at the machine end and practically fits into all machines without a need of an adaptor. Ergonomically designed with high efficiency filtration of 99.99% of bacteria and virus.


A specially designed bacterial/viral filter for use with NDD PFT machines only. It fits universally for adult & paed use. Comes with efficiency filteration of 99.99% of bacteria and virus.

Spiroguard Filter

  • Electrostatic Filter Clinic Clean pouch packed
  • Filtration efficiency: BFE 99.9999%; VFE 99.9999% up to 0,027 μm
  • Materials of construction: Filter media – Electrostatic; Housing – Polypropylene
  • Applications: lung functional test for use in Respiratory Pathophysiology, ICU and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Occupational Medicine