Spiroflo Filter

Disposable filters for pulmonary function test with electrostatically charged filter medium for high efficiency filtration of 99.999% of virus and bacteria. Can be incorporated with patient friendly mouthpiece with negligible resistance for accurate measurements. Available in combo packs with mouthpiece and nose clip.

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SpiroSafe Filter

Disposable bacterial/viral filter for pulmonary function test comes with 3 different fittings at the machine end and practically fits into all machines without a need of an adaptor. Ergonomically designed with high efficiency filtration of 99.99% of bacteria and virus.

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Accurate, Reliable, Hygienic, Affordable - The disposable spirette acts as a hygienic shield for single patient use. The spirette has no sensor elements; it does not perform a measurement function and therefore no calibration is required.

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Spiroguard Filter

  • Electrostatic Filter Clinic Clean pouch packed
  • Filtration efficiency: BFE 99.9999%; VFE 99.9999% up to 0,027 μm
  • Materials of construction: Filter media – Electrostatic; Housing – Polypropylene
  • Applications: lung functional test for use in Respiratory Pathophysiology, ICU and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Occupational Medicine

Nose Clip

Disposable nose clips lined with high quality latex free foam for comfortable clipping of the nostrils, during pulmonary function test.

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