We start with thanking the medical fraternity and all our business associates for the continued support for the world class products we market, which has made us to what we are today. Started with three personnel way back in 1995 , today we are operating throughout the country with our own branches in many major cities and a wide spread network of dealers supported by 35 of our employees.

It is a well known phenomena that only the best enjoy a consistent growth and continue to have long standing relationships and In our medical industry Quality , Competitive pricing and timely backup service are the deciding factors . By virtue of our operation system we are adhering to these factors giving utmost importance to our customer satisfaction.

Our self-imposed commitment to provide the best is consistent and our unanimous support is guaranteed.

We strive on with the same commitment with the ever increasing encouragement and recognition we are getting and endorse that

“JK Medical offers only the Best “

R. Sahoo
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